Hi lovelies,

Today we'll be finishing off the outers of our nappy bags. If you haven't bought your copy yet please pop over to the store and don't forget to use the discount code SEWALONG15 for your discount!

I know I keep reminding you, but THIS is where it's really important that your centres are marked so if you haven't already done it, do it now before we go any further.

Prepare your outer front and back by tucking the handles inside the pockets to keep them out of the way. For the front pocket just lift the flap and pop the handle in. Don't push the handle right in, you don't want to get the handle caught in your stitching along the bottom of the front panel.
 Now turn your attention to the gusset and pin the lining zipped gussets together, this will keep them out of the way while you're sewing. You'll need to try and pretend the lining pieces are not there.
 Start by matching up the centre of the outer zipped gusset and the outer main panel and then clip right sides together. Using pins is firstly difficult and secondly you will encounter many a stab wound trying to pull the bag through the machine with pins around the edges!
 Continue clipping all the way around the main panel easing around the curved corners. These clips also help with being able to 'ease' around corners.
 Keep going until your gusset is attached to the outer all the way round.
 Sew these together with a 1/2" seam allowance with the main panel on the bottom and the gusset on top. Remember this change to the seam allowance for sewing the lining in!
Next you will need to open the zip fully. Then flip the lining over the panel you just sewed so that it's out of the way, clip the second main panel to the other side of the gusset panel.
 If your gusset feels a little small, feel free to make tiny snips in the seam allowance of the gusset to help it curve around the corners.
 Keep clipping until the second panel is fully attached.
 Now turn it over so that the main panel to be sewn is on the bottom and the gusset with main panel already sewn on top to sew.
 This is how it should look zoomed out. You may need to sew at full reach when you turn the curve to do the top and bottom edges! I hope you've got long arms!
 Once you've sewn grab your pinking shears and trim the corner seam allowances. If you haven't got pinks you can just snip into the seam allowance to help reduce the stress on this fabric and help it to sit nicely rounded.
 You don't need to turn the bag right sides out, but why not do so, go ahead and run your finger round the corner seams to push them out to sit nicely.
The Nappy bag in Bari J's Flutter Kisses and Faux Suede Headliner with a Handcrafted in Great Britain bag label from Bobbin Girl.
Put your completed outer somewhere you can see it while you sew the lining as a bit of eye candy to spur you on!

I'm seeing some beautiful bags pop up in the facebook groups already, don't forget to link up in the Nappy Bag Sew Along album by 15th June to be in with a chance of winning one of our excellent prizes!