There are maybe times in your life as a seamstress and maker when you’re too busy to sew. Everything else feels more important. You might even feel a bit guilty about it.

But we’re here to remind you that, because you love it so much, sewing is an investment in your well-being. So be kind and understanding to yourself and carve out time to make something new and beautiful.

To inspire you and challenge how you think about sewing, we’ve gathered here 8 sewing quotes we like either because they’re deep and beautiful and true, or because they’re tongue in check and right on point. So, make a cup of tea and grab a couple of biscuits and scroll away. If one of these inspires you, print in out and tape it to your inspiration notebook.










Do you have your own favourite sewing quote? Do you want us to keep curating quotes like these? Please leave a comment below!