Hi everyone, how are we all getting on with our Nappy bags? Lots have already finished theirs and are now using them as travel bags, diaper bags, large handbags!

Today I'm going to show you a few more photos for your linings.

You should have done your lining zipped pocket easily enough with my extra tutorial on how to add a zipped pocket, or even chosen to add a decorative zip to your zipped pocket.

I've got a tutorial on my blog how to add elasticated pockets too, everything you need to complete your lining!

I'm going to show you in a bit more detail how to attach your elasticated pockets for the Nappy bag.

 The Nappy bag pattern calls for you to place the elasticated pocket 1" from the bottom and 2" from each side. It's often easiest to mark the centre on the lining main panel and then mark the centre on the pocket piece.
Place a ruler 1" in from the bottom lining it up on the centre. I then pin the centre of my pocket to the main panel, where the centre is.
 Leaving the ruler in place, pull the bottom of the pocket down so that it too lines up with the ruler all the way along so that there's 1" from the base the whole way.
Next start at one side and manipulate the pocket until the corner is a right (ish) angle and pin into place. This will distort the main panel in the middle, just try to keep everything straight on this side.
 Repeat for the other side, once again this will distort the main panel in the middle. Sew around both sides and the bottom keeping the panels straight.

I chose to stitch my pocket up the centre to make two smaller pockets. They still hold a multitude of 'stuff' though!
Ah, the attractive look of a set of pockets that look like Granny's undies!

Next on the sew along trail will be attaching the lining to the gusset, but don't worry, we've extended the deadline to the end of June!