Sewing Patterns by Mrs H - paper sewing patterns and digital download PDF sewing patterns for handbags, purses, totes and backpacks! Please note our prices will increase on 15th August to £9 for our PDF bag sewing patterns and £12 for our paper sewing patterns

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  1. The Complete Bag Making Masterclass by Samantha Hussey - signed edition

    Signed copy - The Complete Bag Making Masterclass

    Become a bagmaking master with The Complete Bag Making Masterclass!

    What's the difference between interfacing and stabiliser? How do I add a zip to my bag? How do I install my bag hardware? How can I resize my bag sewing pattern?

    You'll find the answer to all these questions and more in my comprehensive guide to modern bagmaking techniques, The Complete Bag Making Masterclass.


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  2. Companion Carpet Bag Frames - Mrs H

    Carpet Bag Frames

    Please note: These barrel hinge frames have unfortunately had the hinges attached backwards in the factory, you will need to unscrew each hinge and turn them around to see the nicely finished end on your bag. The frames have been discounted to account for this hassle, sorry!

    Sewing our Companion Carpet Bag? You'll need a bag frame!


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    Starting at: £ 8 00

  3. My Other Bag is Handmade Tote Bag

    The Lightweight Shopping Tote

    Let the world know they should be paying more attention to your other bag!

    This printed tote bag features the slogan, 'My other bag is handmade'.

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