This blog post features The Sling Bag. You can now download The Sling Bag for free here on at:


That's what I was going to call it, but I couldn't say it more than twice in a row so I changed it to 'The Sling Bag'.

Yup, it's my next pattern and it's available for download now for free! Yes, an actual proper pattern with explanations, colour photographs, pattern pieces, but free. Because I was feeling generous this year, you know?

This pattern is ridiculously versatile. Usually I ask my testers to stick to the pattern as closely as possible, but this time I told them to hack it, change it, alter it and do their worst (or their best!). I'm so pleased with the variety of bags they made, it just goes to show that the sky really is the limit with a basic bag pattern!

I am saving the testers' bags for tomorrow because there is such variety, I really want to show them off individually so that you can appreciate the creativity that went into them. I've got a couple of pattern hacks coming too, one of them from a guest poster (ooooooo!) who I'm really excited to have here!

I made two different versions for photographing, one for the cover (as above) and one in a grey upholstery fabric which had a suedette feeling.

I love this bag, it's so simple (and quick!!) to make, and yet looks so effortlessly stylish.

Pop over to get your copy now, and then come back to see the different variations tomorrow!