Hello lovelies,

We're nearly finished with our Nappy bags (or travel bags!), don't forget to link up to the Facebook groups to be in with a chance to win the prizes!

Now we're ready to attach our lining main pieces, with pockets already attached. If you've got any zipped pockets pinned out of the way unpin them now. Open the zip fully and then turn the outer of your bag inside out.
 Pull one lining zip gusset over the zip as pictured below.
 Keep pulling the lining away from the bag so that the raw edge of the full gusset is available to you as pictured.
 Now you can start pinning (or clipping) your lining main panel to the raw edge of the gusset that you've just made available. Match centres to make sure that this sits evenly. You will be sewing with the gusset side up if you wish to position your clips for easy removal.
 Keep going all the way round so that the lining main panel is attached fully, but only to the lining gusset pieces.
 Then pop that into your sewing machine and sew all the way around. Smoosh the bag outer down and out of the way to encourage the lining through the machine.
 Pinch the seam allowance together of the lining zip gusset and the outer zip gusset and sew within the seam allowance. This will stop your lining falling inside the bag and being 'baggy.
 The picture below shows both parts of the lining sewn and pinned along the seam allowances to the outer.
Turn the piece you've just sewn over on itself so that it's sitting snugly on the bag outer.
 Now you can pull the other side of the gusset out, over the zip so that it's available for you to attach the second lining panel.
 Once again, smoosh the outer out of the way of the lining. You can use pins or clips.
 Pin all the way around but make sure to mark your turning gap. I've marked mine with double pins. I like to sew basting stitches in the turning gap, steam and then remove. It makes it easier to close the turning gap afterwards.
 After sewing, trim the corners with pinking shears or notch. Don't forget to sew your second seam allowances together. Then turn through the turning gap.

We'll stop here for today. Good work! Very, very, very nearly done!

If you're inserting bag feet, don't worry, I haven't forgotten, check the next post for adding those.

How are you all getting on with your bags?