Okie doke lovelies, it's time to finish those Nappy bags up and get using them!

If you've chosen to add feet then you'll want to cut a piece of bag base 4.5" x 13.5" (11cm x 35cm), centre it over the base of the bag and mark where the holes you've previously made are. Then cut out the cross in the plastic base.
 I used cage feet from Bobbin Girl. I bought before they came with washers so use a scrap of interfacing, but if you order now, you receive washers with your feet.
Cage feet from Bobbin Girl
 Pop the feet through from the right side of the outer, through the hole in the bag base and then if you're adding any padding on top, add that too. I added some Decovil seeing as I bought a meter and have only used a few inches of it so far!
You should glue scraps of interfacing over the feet prongs to prevent them from rubbing on your bag's lining.

Here's the feet from the outside.
Cage feet from Bobbin Girl
Close up the turning gap in your lining, either by hand with a ladder stitch or with a machine stitch close to the edge. This should be well hidden by the elasticated pockets, so I usually use a machine stitch. 
And now for my Nappy bag...aka my new Laptop bag! I'm going to use mine for toting my laptop and files up to church when we have a meeting as I'm the church secretary and so take the minutes. 
The Nappy Bag Sew along by Mrs H
I used the back pockets on both front and back of my bag and added a 'Handmade' label
 I also added a hanging tag to the other side of the bag. I love, love, love this 'Handmade' hanging label! It's from the Emmaline bags range of bag bling at Bobbin Girl.
The Nappy Bag Sew along by Mrs H
 If you're in the US and Canada you can buy it directly from Emmaline bags. If you're in the UK you can buy from Bobbin Girl.
'Handmade' hanging tag from Bobbin Girl
 I used a light blue twin zip with closed ends.
The Nappy Bag Sew Along by Mrs H
 I used triangular rings on my side tabs to attach my adjustable strap (not pictured) to with the swivel clips on the ends.
The Nappy Bag Sew Along by Mrs H
 That's two bags I've made from Faux Suede Headliner and Bari J cottons now, they look great together don't they? The front Manhattan bag (Mama size) is Budquette Nightfall from Bari J's Emmy Grace collection. The Nappy bag at the back is Painted Ladies’ Flutter from the same collection.
Mrs H - Manhattan Mama and The Nappy Bag in Bari J "Emmy Grace"
 Just in case anyone didn't know, I've got a great label on the front screaming that my bag is handcrafted!
The Nappy Bag Sew Along by Mrs H

Nearly ready to show off your own handcrafted bags?