Hello lovelies,

I've had my Bookbag backpack pattern thoroughly tested now and it's up for sale in my Etsy store. You know what that means? It's time to see the tester's bags...and wow, I love them all!!

This bag doesn't use any hand stitching or seam binding to insert the lining, and is clearly illustrated with colour photographs.

Starting with Maria from Mia Creates. She chose to use upholstery fabrics and made some crazy patchwork for her front pocket which she quilted. Once again she's made a stunning bag, with not a wonky stitch in sight!

Look how neat this zip is!

The pattern comes with instructions for the top handles, backpack straps and a detachable shoulder strap. If you wanted to make your shoulder strap adjustable you could just use the instructions for the backpack straps to alter it!

Here's Susie's bag. Susie used decor weight fabric and used a contrasting fabric for her handles and straps.

You can just see the hidden zipped pocket inside the front slip pocket here!

 Natalie joins the ranks as a pattern tester this month and what a début, check out her bag!!

Natalie used Ikea cottons and is so much in fear of this one being pinched is considering putting a lock on her sewing room! I don't blame her, it's gorgeous!

Next up is Mary's bag, and you all know I'm a sucker for a bit of pink....ok, a whole lot of pink!! Mary recommended headliner fabric as a cost effective stabiliser!

I love Mary's fabric placement, you wouldn't even tell there's a pocket there if you looked at it in a glance!

Great hidden zipped pocket for your keys or travel card.

You all remember Sally, right? Yet again she's made a gorgeous bag, but this time she stayed up til 3am to finish it..that's dedication!! I did question whether the way of putting in the lining was too hard, but Sally reminded me that if she could figure it out at 2am, most other people could figure it out at a regular sewing time!!

Look, it's Rapunzel on the front!!

This bag uses either fusible fleece or Soft & Stable as a stabiliser, but you might want to try headliner fabric for a more cost effective solution! I found the fleece was a bit too soft for my liking and I preferred the more solid shape of the soft & stable.

Yet again Terri has pulled another great bag out of the hat with this bag that's already been claimed by her granddaughter! I can't say I blame her!

And finally, the DEElightful Dee sent me her pics modelled by her daughter.

Dee chose to interface her straps to make them a bit sturdier.

 I love the fabric Dee used, but if I didn't know who's it was, I'd have been able to guess by the red and teal ;)

Dee made the zip into a double opening zip...I have no idea how to do this, you'd have to ask Dee, but it's a great idea!!

If you want to make your own Bookbag Backpack, the pattern is up for sale in my Etsy store for £5 and is on instant download. Like it, buy it, download it, make it! Oh, and don't forget to let us all see some pics when you've made it!

Many of the pattern testers will be holding giveaways to win a copy of this pattern so make sure you follow their blogs to catch those!