Hiya lovelies!

With just one month to go until Christmas, we're sure your preparations are well underway, but if you're looking for gifts for another bagmaker or sewist it can be tricky finding just the right gift. Don't worry! We're here to help.

Gift Ideas for Bagineers

1 - Paper sewing patterns

Treat your bagineer to some new sewing patterns! With a wide range to choose from, you're sure to find a bag design they'll love. Be sure to buy with them in mind, though! It's no fun receiving a sewing pattern only to be told the gifter wants you to make it for them not for yourself!

Not sure which pattern to get for your bagineer? What kind of person are they?

The Adventurer: The Dainty Daytripper

The Dainty Daytripper is a multipurpose bag designed for adventure! Your bagineer can wear it as a backpack, if they need to keep your hands free, or lengthen the straps and use The Dainty Daytripper as a crossbody or shoulder bag. Convertible bags are also super on trend right now!

Buy The Dainty Daytripper here: www.mrs-h.com/daytripper-pattern.html
The Dainty Daytripper by Sewing Patterns by Mrs H
Work Hard, Play Hard: The Captivating Clutch

The Captivating Clutch comes with instructions to make two sizes of clutch - The Starlet and The Leading Lady Oversized Clutch. Packed with pockets, The Starlet Clutch is perfect for a night on the town, while The Leading Lady is big enough to carry a tablet or e-reader and has instructions for an optional strap to turn it into a crossbody messenger bag, making it perfect for work or college.

Buy The Captivating Clutch here: www.mrs-h.com/the-captivating-clutch-pattern.html
The Captivating Clutch by Sewing Patterns by Mrs H
Practically Perfect in Every Way - The Companion Carpet Bag

The Companion Carpet Bag uses an internal tubular frame to create a classic carpet bag shape that even Mary Poppins herself could be proud of! The Companion Carpet Bag is a firm favourite with bagineers of all levels of experience and skill, as the trickiest bit about it is choosing the fabrics!

Buy The Companion Carpet Bag here: https://www.mrs-h.com/the-companion-carpet-bag-pattern.html
The Companion Carpet Bag by Sewing Patterns by Mrs H

Shop our range of paper sewing patterns

2 - Stocking filler - A reusable shopping tote to take to the fabric store

Help your bagineer let the world know that they should be paying attention to your bagineer's other bag, with a printed tote bag featuring the slogan, 'My other bag is handmade'.

This reusable shopping tote bag is made from recycled materials, and folds down nicely so that your bagineer can pop it in their handmade bag when they head to the fabric shop.

Why not pop a couple of paper patterns in the bag for your bagineer's stocking?
My Other Bag is Handmade Lightweight Shopping Tote

Buy The Lightweight Shopping Tote from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H

3 - Bag Bling!

Oh, we love a bit of bag bling! Beautiful bag hardware can transform a handmade bag from lovely to breathtaking. But, how do you choose the right hardware for your bagineer?

Bag Hardware from Emmaline Bags

Let them choose for themselves! Treat your bagineer to a gift card for Emmaline Bags or Sew Hot (UK), and they can pick out their own beautiful bling.

Emmaline Bags has email gift cards available from $10-$100 (CAD) here: https://emmalinebags.com/products/gift-card

And, you'll find Sew Hot's Gift cards here, available as either email or by post: https://www.sewhot.co.uk/product-category/gift-cards/

4 - A rivet press

One of our catchphrases here at Mrs H HQ is, "Stick a rivet in it"! If you can't sew around the top of your bag because it's a bit thick. Stick a rivet in it! If you have something too bulky to sew, stick a rivet in it! Need to reinforce a pocket? Stick a rivet in it!

But, if you're going to stick a rivet in it, then you'll need a rivet press!

Green Rivet Press and Die Set from Trimming Shop UK

Trimming Shop UK has put together a fab bundle of both rivet press and 9mm double cap die set for £64.99. You can find the set here: www.trimmingshop.co.uk/double-cap-tubular-rivets-die-set-9mm.html

5 - What a Bagineer Wants Most - Time Off

Ask any bagmaking addict what they'd most like for Christmas, and we are sure they'll tell you, "More time to sew." What we all want more than anything is the occasional opportunity to shut ourselves off the rest of the world, indulge our creative sides, and sew without worrying about the laundry, or dinner.

So, give your bagineer the gift of some uninterrupted sewing time this year with our printable Sewing Passes! Right-click and save the image below, then print off as many copies of the passes as you'd like.

Sewing Pass - time to sew

We hope these have suggestions have given you some good ideas about some of the best gift ideas for bag makers, but whatever gift you choose for your bagmaker this Christmas, don't forget our recommended last posting dates for our physical products are:

International - 14th December
UK - 20th December