Do you have a question about next weekend's Creative Christianity Summit - here's an FAQ!


What is the Creative Christianity Summit?

It's a 5-day virtual conference, running from 15-19 June 2021, and featuring over 30 speakers exploring faith and creativity. From Bible teaching to sessions exploring creative practice, interviews with industry leaders, and even creative workshops for you to try your hand at something new. Plus, there's also a private attendees-only Facebook group that will have lots of fun activities too.


The Creative Christianity Summit 2021


Where does the Creative Christianity Summit take place?

Online! So you can access it from anywhere with an internet connection (even your garden, if the weather stays nice!) Each day, the Summit will send you an email with the timetable and your own exclusive login to attend the sessions. The sessions are time-zone friendly and you'll be able to replay the recordings at your leisure for the next year.


How are we involved?

Our director Samantha, aka Mrs H, is taking part in an interview as part of the event.


Why are we so excited about the Summit?

Mrs H is a Christian and is creative, and has found that it can sometimes be a challenge to explore both of those things at the same time. We're excited that she has been invited to be a part of this exciting opportunity, and are looking forward to hearing stories from all the other wonderful creative folk who are taking part.


"This isn't for me"

That's okay! We will be sharing more about the Creative Christianity Summit on our Facebook page in the next couple of weeks, so if you follow us there and would prefer not to see posts about the Summit, you may want to consider snoozing our posts. To do this, click the three-dot menu next to one of our posts and then click 'Snooze for 30 days'.


"This is for me! Where can I find out more?"

To find out more and join in the fun, click the 'Join now' image below or visit the Creative Christianity Summit website at


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The Creative Christianity Summit 2021