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A few of our viewers commented that they're new to bagmaking and not sure where to start. As the release of Mrs H's book is two months away, we decided to take a look at four of our favourite beginner bag sewing patterns to give you some ideas and inspiration so that you can get making now!


1. The Ring Sling

The Ring Sling Bag from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H, made by Diana Ackroyd

The Ring Sling bag from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H, made by Diana Ackroyd of Ackroyd Designs

We love pockets, and this bag has a lot! The Ring Sling has four pockets on the outside, as well as a zip pocket and slip pocket inside. This bag has been designed to keep your cutting time low while maximising stability so has a fun construction feature - you'll know what we mean when you see it! And, as an added bonus, Mrs H recorded a YouTube sew along, so if you choose The Ring Sling, we'll be with you every step of the way

Find The Ring Sling beginner-level bag sewing pattern here at Sewing Patterns by Mrs H:


2. The Squiffy Sling

The Squiffy Sling Bag from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H, made by LBP Bespoke

The Squiffy Sling bag made by LBP Bespoke

This quirkie crossbody bag is one of our most popular sewing patterns for beginners to bagmaking, and not just because it comes with pieces and instructions to make two sizes of bag! It's super quick to cut out and sew, as the outer and lining are each just one main pattern piece. And, we think The Squiffy Sling's asymmetrical styling is a lot of fun!

If you are new to bagmaking, then please note we do recommend you use a non-directional fabric (or ditsy print) for this make so that your print doesn't end up upside down, although you'll see on the pattern page that there is a hack for using directional prints

Find our beginner-level Squiffy Sling bag sewing pattern here:


3. The Convertible Bag

The Convertible Bag, made by Lynne's Selections

The Convertible Bag, made by Lynne's Selections on her Janome HD9, with New World tapestry fabric from Crafty by Chatham Glyn (available from BST Fabrics)

The Convertible Bag is a Mrs H team favourite, and as you've probably already figured out from the name, this fab bag converts from a backpack to a crossbody bag (and vice versa!)

How? It's all down to the strap! Clip your strap to the two D-rings at the top when you want a crossbody or shoulder bag. Then, for the backpack, unclip the strap from the top, thread it through the strap channel, and clip to the two bottom D-rings. Simple!

Sew your own Convertible Bag with our beginner-level sewing pattern, available at:


4. The Companion Carpet Bag

<The Companion Carpet Bag, made by Pumpkin Soda

The Companion Carpet Bag, made by Leisa of Pumpkin Soda

The Companion Carpet Bag is our all-time most popular sewing pattern, and we're sure you can see why! This is a simple sew with arm candy style. Yes, it uses a bag frame, but don't worry! It's much easier to fit than it looks, and our pattern has both instructions and photos to show you how to insert the bag frame.

The beginner-level Companion Carpet Bag sewing pattern is available here on Sewing Patterns by Mrs H at: And, from Friday we'll be stocking carpet bag frames to match the pattern!

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Are you a beginner bagmaker? Which bag sewing pattern do you think you'll sew first? You can also filter by recommended experience level on our website. Click here for the beginner-level patterns!

Or, if you're a more experienced bagineer, what was your first make? And, what advice would you give to someone new to bagmaking?