Hiya lovelies!

It's time to get sassy!! This pattern has been a long time coming, as it was a retreat-exclusive pattern, but now we can finally share it with you, in the form of our very talented testers! This pattern comes in three different sizes - little, medium and large - and our testers were allowed to do whichever size and however many they wanted.

Designed in association with Becky from R.j.A.f. Makes, we are proud to introduce - the Sassy Saddlebag!!

It appears as though Tara from UhOh Creations stepped back in time, taking inspiration from sixties flower power! Very colourful and eye-catching!!

Anna from Messy Rooms Products also went with flowers, sticking with a beautiful blue, gold and turquoise theme.

Susan went with some more stylised flowers. That splash of colour works really well against that dark body.

Amy from Virginia Girl Design also went with stylised flowers and a limited colour palette, which always works!

More flowers from Vanessa from Cowslip Creations, though she has also included some wildlife. Who's a pretty birdie then?!

Lynn from LBP Bespoke Bags has wandered into another area of the garden, where she found these little guys! Very cute!

Chris went simple yet colourful with her patternwork dogs.

Jana from Bubo Boutique fancied something a little more exotic, now she has her own tiger!

Lynn from She Wears Red Feathers preferred the fantastic to the real world, hence her darling unicorns here!

Katie also went with unicorms. She also stepped into the spirit world with No Face from Spirited Away. Perfect size for her girls!

Lynne from Lynne's Selections also made two, different sizes and with some strap variations, proving how versatile this bag is!

We have a sports fan in Kristi from Paisley Lane Boutique. That purple is a fabulous burst of colour!

And last, but by no means least, is this beautiful black and gold zodiac saddlebag courtesy of Reece from Happy Okapi. Here we also see another strap variation, a simple gold chain.

A simple sew with so many possible variations, the Sassy Saddlebag is available now to purchase from the shop.

Happy sewing everyone!! xx