Pattern Errata

Please email us at if you find an error in one of our patterns, we'd love to be able to amend it. 


The Captivating Clutch - 

1 - Some of the paper patterns have an error in piece C - Front Panel. Please trim to the correct size as specified in the Cutting Out list. 

2 - Pattern piece E - zip pocket: pattern piece measurements differ from instructions. The pattern should work with either size, but if unsure then please follow the pattern instructions and cut to 7.5" x 8.5". 


The Companion Carpet Bag - 

1 -   Pattern Piece C Frame Channel Large - this pattern piece should measure 9" (piece is on a fold, total length of large frame channel should be 18") and label for piece should say 18". Cutting out instructions at beginning of booklet/instructions are correct.

2 - Step 21: Wording / measurement error. Pattern says '3/4" (7.5cm)'. Three quarters of an inch is actually 1.9cm.


The Convertible Bag - 

1 - Some of the paper patterns have incorrect cutting information on the pattern pieces. Please follow cutting out guide on first page of booklet.

The errors are as follows:

  • - Pattern Piece D Flap: pattern piece should read "Cut 1 outer, cut 1 lining, cut 1 fusible fleece, cut 2 medium weight interfacing"
  • - Pattern Piece G Back strap tunnel: pattern piece should read "Cut 1 outer or contrast, cut 1 medium weight interfacing"
  • - Pattern Piece I Zip and slip pockets: pattern piece should read "Cut 1 outer, cut 2 lining, cut 3 medium weight interfacing"

2 - Some of the paper patterns have the measurements reversed on the cutting out page for Paper Piece B Lining. The correct measurements are 13" x 12" (33cm x 30cm). The paper pattern piece, label, and PDF patterns are all correct.


The Gentleman's Wallet - 

Paper Patterns:
1 - Piece G1 ID pocket (clear vinyl) - in some paper patterns this piece may have gone off the edge of the page. Please check your measurements. This piece should measure 4" x 3" (10cm x 7.75cm).

2 - In the newest version of the paper pattern the photo next to step 7 shows 3/8" between each blue line. This should be 1/2". Please note this error is only in the paper pattern and only in the photo, the instructions are correct. 

PDF and Paper Patterns:
3 - Piece G ID pocket (pocket fabric) - Please cut 2 ID pocket fabric. The pattern piece says to cut 1 ID pocket fabric. This is incorrect. Please cut 2 ID pocket fabrics. The cutting directions in the pattern booklet and the piece labels are correct.


The Jangles Anchor Bag - 

1 - Step 4: Zip box should be 3/8" (1cm) high.

2 - Step 12: beginning of instructions should read: "On the wrong side of the Lining Bottom (f)..."


The Squiffy Sling - 

1 - Step 20 slip pocket, large version: Position below zip as best you feel it fits.