Pattern Errata

Please email us at if you find an error in one of our patterns, we'd love to be able to amend it. 


The Complete Bag Making Masterclass - 

Darling Day Sling page 103 Cutting Instructions - The gusset length should be 27.75" (70.5 cm)

Piped Hobo Cutting Instructions: From Medium-Weight Interfacing - For B (Main Panels), please cut 4 pieces

The Trio Pocketbook, page 126 Notions - the sentence 'cut the zip teeth down to 22.5cm (8 7/8") long' should refer to the #5 zip, not the #3 zip


The Bowler Bag - 

Piece F - Handle Tabs: The cutting out instructions in the pattern say 'Cut 4 outer & 4 medium weight interfacing' while the instructions on the pattern piece say 'Cut 2 outer & 2 medium weight interfacing'. Please cut 4 of each outer and medium weight interfacing.


The Bucket Tote -

The supply list says you will need 6" x 10" Fusible Peltex or S520. You will need a further 6" x 29" for the BS pieces. Eagle-eyed Meredith spotted the error and emailed us at to let us know. Have you spotted another error? Oh no! Please email us so that we can add it to our list to correct when the pattern is next updated.


The Captivating Clutch - 

1 - Some of the paper patterns have an error in piece C - Front Panel. Please trim to the correct size as specified in the Cutting Out list. 

2 - Pattern piece E - zip pocket: pattern piece measurements differ from instructions. The pattern should work with either size, but if unsure then please follow the pattern instructions and cut to 7.5" x 8.5". 


The Companion Carpet Bag - 

1 -   Pattern Piece C Frame Channel Large - this pattern piece should measure 9" (piece is on a fold, total length of large frame channel should be 18") and label for piece should say 18". Cutting out instructions at beginning of booklet/instructions are correct.

2 - Step 21: Wording / measurement error. Pattern says '3/4" (7.5cm)'. Three quarters of an inch is actually 1.9cm.


The Convertible Bag - 

1 - Some of the paper patterns have incorrect cutting information on the pattern pieces. Please follow cutting out guide on first page of booklet.

The errors are as follows:

  • - Pattern Piece D Flap: pattern piece should read "Cut 1 outer, cut 1 lining, cut 1 fusible fleece, cut 2 medium weight interfacing"
  • - Pattern Piece G Back strap tunnel: pattern piece should read "Cut 1 outer or contrast, cut 1 medium weight interfacing"
  • - Pattern Piece I Zip and slip pockets: pattern piece should read "Cut 1 outer, cut 2 lining, cut 3 medium weight interfacing"

2 - Some of the paper patterns have the measurements reversed on the cutting out page for Paper Piece B Lining. The correct measurements are 13" x 12" (33cm x 30cm). The paper pattern piece, label, and PDF patterns are all correct.

3 - Material requirements: You may need 1 5/8yds (1.5m) of medium weight interfacing for this bag.


The Crossbody Bag - 

Step 16 - please ignore the rectangle of stitching


The Cwtsh Bag - 

Pattern label for Strap should read 2” x 44” (5cm x 112cm)


The Dainty Daytripper - 

Paper Patterns:
1 - Pattern Piece B - Main Panel: Some of the printed pattern pieces have incorrect cutting information. Please cut 2 Outer, 2 Lining, 4 Medium Weight Interfacing. The instructions are correct on the cutting labels and in the cutting guide.


The Gentleman's Wallet - 

Paper Patterns:
1 - Piece G1 ID pocket (clear vinyl) - in some paper patterns this piece may have gone off the edge of the page. Please check your measurements. This piece should measure 4" x 3" (10cm x 7.75cm).

2 - Piece D1 Left Card Slot (interfacing) - In some versions of the paper patterns, this piece has printed longer than it should be. Piece D1 should be 3 3/4" x 1/2" (9.5cm x 12mm).

3 - In the newest version of the paper pattern the photo next to step 7 shows 3/8" between each blue line. This should be 1/2". Please note this error is only in the paper pattern and only in the photo, the instructions are correct. 

PDF and Paper Patterns:
4 - Piece G ID pocket (pocket fabric) - Please cut 2 ID pocket fabric. The pattern piece says to cut 1 ID pocket fabric. This is incorrect. Please cut 2 ID pocket fabrics. The cutting directions in the pattern booklet and the piece labels are correct.


The Jangles Anchor Bag - 

1 - No pattern piece is provided for piece B1. This is a rectangular piece. Please cut this according to the dimensions given in the cutting out instructions.

2 - Step 4: Zip box should be 3/8" (1cm) high.

3 - Step 12: beginning of instructions should read: "On the wrong side of the Lining Bottom (f)..."


The Nappy Bag - 

Paper Patterns:

Piece I - Zipped Pockets: The cutting out instructions in the booklet say 'Cut 2 lining' while the instructions on the pattern piece say 'Cut 2 outer'. Please cut 2 of your preferred fabric, either outer or lining.

Tabs: please ensure tabs are 3.5 inches long before cutting out.

Directional fabric - The Nappy Bag is designed with non-directional fabric in mind. If using directional fabric, please take into consideration that you may need more than 1 metre of Outer fabric (or 1.9m if you are making the bag with just one fabric and not using a contrast fabric).


The Side Hustle - 

1 - Page 11, Step 38, third paragraph - 1/2" is 1.25cm, not 2cm.


The Squiffy Sling - 

1 - Step 20 slip pocket, large version: Position below zip as best you feel it fits. 

Reported errors with material requirements: 1) Strap length should be 60" long, so 60" wide faux leather may be needed. 2) More than 0.5m of 40" (90cm) wide medium fusible may be needed.

Reported error with clarity of instructions: Foam stabiliser is referred to as heavy stabiliser in the instructions.


The Side Hustle - 

1 - Step 26: This should read "Main Panel (B)".