Introducing The Piped Hobo!


First in the Projects section, though last in our series of Masterclass Project Spotlights, we have The Piped Hobo! The Piped Hobo is Mrs H's favourite project from The Complete Bag Making Masterclass, as it sums up the Masterclass in this one project.

If you're following the project as written, you'll find there are few pattern pieces to cut, making this a super time-saving sew. You'll practice sewing slip pockets and zip pockets, as well as sewing an adjustable strap, making piping, and using blingy round grommets.

If you're a more experienced bagineer and prefer a bit of a challenge, use the techniques from the reference section to adapt The Piped Hobo to become your perfect bag!


The Piped Hobo from The Complete Bag Making Masterclass, made by Lynne's Selections
The Piped Hobo, made by Lynne of Lynne's Selections



The Piped Hobo is the first beginner-level project in The Complete Bag Making Masterclass, but if you do get stuck please don't be afraid to ask for help in our Facebook group. We also have a Masterclass video about making and using piping in our Facebook group (which will be added to our YouTube channel after it's been edited).





Will The Piped Hobo be released as a separate sewing pattern?

No. The Piped Hobo will not be released as a standalone pattern. The projects section of The Complete Bag Making Masterclass refers back to the techniques sections of the book, so you will need a copy of the book in order to sew this pattern. If you'd like to sew your own Piped Hobo bag, grab a copy of The Complete Bag Making Masterclass from your local sewing supplies store, from Amazon, or direct from us here at: