Today my lovelies I'm continuing to bombard you with The Sling Bag, but this time with a guest post from one of my testers. Liz is going to talk you through the edits she made to make this pattern her own!

Over to you Liz!

As some of you know, I am happy to be one of Samantha's pattern testers. Normally when I test a pattern for a designer ...I sew it as she writes it ...after all, that is what I am suppose be testing ( if it makes sense and fits together.)

But this time was a bit different ....Samantha allowed us to make any changes to the pattern ( keep it basically the same) with it....and play with it we did.....

I first wanted to make it in pleather but one of the other tester beat me to it...I won't mention any names Maria !

So I figured I would do the next crazy thing...and sew it in vinyl ! Don't ask me what I was thinking of making it in the time it sounded like a good idea!!
Actually I think it turned out pretty good....if you are also crazy enough to sew it in are a few tips ( & changes ) I will share with you.

I added almost 2" to the length of the pattern since I wanted to make a accent flap and I was afraid if I didn't lengthen it it would stick out like a board..

For the pattern, I used masking tape to tape my vinyl to the batting and then I basted it along the outer edges....( 1/8" seam allowance) to hold it in pins allowed !

 I stitched 2 seams down the middle for accent and to attach the batting to the vinyl ( can't use an iron batting here) you can see I cut out the batting from the dart sections ( that was stated in the pattern ...I did follow some of the directions !)
 Then I sew the flap part to bottom part...and top stitched it  ( my top flap part is approx. 6" x 15"...bottom is 12" x 15" )  For the other outer piece, I didn't add the accent piece ...I just cut it out whole .
Since vinyl tends to stand straight out ...I tapered the top outer edges so that it didn't poke anyone in the eye.  ( 1 1/2"" in  and 4.75" down)
For the lining...(you knew some red polka dots would have to show up!) I added a little sew on pocket ( there was no way I was doing a inner zipper pocket with vinyl....I am crazy but not that crazy!)  I also used velcro for the closure instead of the recommended magnet snap. Then I  followed the rest of the pattern RST and turn !
Normally this is where you would sew your lining to your outer fabric ( RST, turn  and topstitch) but since I am using is best to avoid turning it as much as possible otherwise it will look like a wrinkled this meant I had to sew the bag together "wrong sides" together and the only way to do that is to fold down the seam allowance on the outer & lining pieces ...the easiest way I found was to premark it with my tracing wheel ( scoring the vinyl which made it easy to fold in.
Use Wonder clips to hold the outer & inner together and top stitch it closed...I forgot to take a picture here so pretend that I haven't topstitched it yet.
For the strap I also cheated and used webbing.....
After all that ...this is what the bag looks like !!!
So you can break all the rules, follow half of the designers instructions and still end up with a lovely looking bag.... Don't be afraid to add you own spin on a pattern...the bag making police won't come and get you ....I promise!! 
Most important is to have fun with it and make it yours.
Pop over and see Liz at her blog Moments for more updates on her sewing shenanigans!