A hobby that feels lonely is no kind of hobby to me. That's why I loved being part of the Bag of the Month club last year and why I was so keen to be a part again this year. I loved the camaraderie, the different versions but most of all connecting with those actually using my patterns and seeing their creativity.

So without further ado, I introduce to you January's bag of the month club '15 pattern, The Companion Carpet Bag.

I must confess to my very nerdy love of all things Doctor Who. I started out thinking I'd design a Doctor's bag to celebrate my not so secret love, but then I figured the Doctor only carries a screwdriver, he doesn't need a bag.

You can get the frames from my good friend Dan, from 3Dan patterns. You can find the small 8.5" frame here and the large 12" frame here.

Today I'm posting my tester's bags, and through January I'll be sharing a couple of extra tips, other versions I've made and a few changes you can make to the pattern to suit you more.

If you'd like to join the Bag of the Month club, please see my post here about joining. You'll get this and 5 other patterns straight to your inbox, one per month from January - June '15.

First up is Emma from For My Little Monster. Emma made the 'small' size with the 8.5" frame in quilting cottons. I love her choice of fabrics!

Next up is Katie, with a bag that I suspect Liz will be trying to pinch! Katie's bag is the large size with the 12" frame and she used faux leather for the gusset. What an attractive base!

As you can probably tell, I provided the testers with their hardware, which is why all of their handles look similar, although I've got some bags made with different handles to show you through this month.

Next up is Nicole from Nicole at home with another 'Large' version. Nicole is an incredible seamstress and has just completed a two piece suit, jacket and trousers which she's shared on her blog.  I'm so lucky to count her among my testers!
Nicole tried Hair Canvas as a stabiliser and would recommend using something slightly firmer as her bag didn't have the stability she'd like.

Also making a small bag is Sally from Life in Sally's world. I love the peek of ric rac trim on her front pocket!

Next up is the ever trusty Maria from Mia Creates. If there's an error to be found, Maria will find it! That's why she's a tester to the stars! Maria made the 'small' size with upholstery weight fabric. I believe she has to defend it from every single customer who enters her sewing studio; I can see why!

Dee knew she'd use red handles and here's her 'small' bag!

Finally on my testers list for this pattern is Simone from The Equilateral Donkey. She made a 'small' bag and used quilting cotton too.

Simone also sent me a photo of their rain last night when I was bemoaning our Welsh rain.

Not quite the same as Welsh rain and if Simone's 'accidentally' left of the next pattern's tester list, we all know why and can blame the green eyed monster!

I hope you enjoyed seeing your first selection of Companion Carpet bags. As I said before, there's still time to join the club, we'd love to have you in the group.

I'll be back with a tutorial on Friday on how to adjust the pattern to your different frame size!