Hi lovelies,

In light of our shiny new Bag of the Month club website, I thought I'd do a little tutorial on how to buy it as a gift for someone else.

Firstly, you can either click 'Join the club' in the top menu, or click the 'Join Now' button below our logo.

Clicking either will take you to here, the product page. You can read a little more about it here. If you are buying during December, the price will be $35, which is the early bird discount price.

Simply add to cart and a little pop up will appear in the top corner showing you your cart with the club added.

 Then click on checkout and you'll come to here. You can either register or log in. If you're buying this as a gift and the person doesn't already have an account on our new website, you'll want to click register.

 Remember to enter the recipient's details instead of your own. So enter your friend's name, email address and make up a password that you can give to them to get their patterns when the club starts.

Once you've created an account it will take you through to checkout. You should enter your friends details in the first section, billing information, but if you don't know it, that's ok, just enter your own. As long as it's their email address and name in the account, it's ok.

Once you click continue after billing information it will come up with Paypal as the payment option and when you click through, you will come to this screen. Now you will need to use your own PayPal account information so that you pay for the subscription, not your friend.

Finish the PayPal process and you will have completed checkout!

All that's left is to send your friend the password to their new account!

What a generous friend you are, you should be my friend!