Hello lovelies,
Welcome to the final part of our Hobo bag Sew Along with Christine from Bags by Bags of Style!

You can find part 1 here, part 2 here, part 3 here, and if you haven't already bought the pattern, you can find it here.

Today we'll be finishing our bags!

we are going to make a slip pocket on the other lining panel......so you need to find your slip pocket panel. It's the one you ironed a half inch turnover on when we were prepping.
fold your panel in half with RST, and sew along the two open sides.....NOT THE ONE WITH THE TURNED EDGE, clip all of the corners and then turn in the right way and press well.....you will have one open side

top stitch along the top of the pocket.......that's the side opposite the open one.....then place your pocket centrally on your other lining panel.......I like to position mine approx. 3 inches from the top of the bag but you can put it where you feel you want it to be. your top stitched edge should be at the top. sew down the side, across the bottom (closing the opening as you go) and up the other side. I like to add small triangles at the top of my slip pockets as it reduces the risk of tearing when you stick heavier things in them or fat hands. The top corners of slip pockets are stress points on bags
take your two lining panels and place the right sides together..........sew at 1/2 inch seam allowance down both sides. 
sew along the bottom edge leaving a gap of approx. 4 inches to turn your bag through.....

in the same way as you made the corners on your outer panels, squeeze the lining panels together so the side and bottom seams match, clip and sew the corner....repeat on the other side..........you have now made your lining.

place your completed bag outer inside your completed bag lining with RST..........ensure your zippered pocket is at the same side as your flap on the outer panels........make sure the flap and side accent strips are tucked between the lining and outer parts. clip all around the top edge, make sure your side seams match. if they don't your lining will be wonky. Once you're happy stitch at 1/2" seam allowance all the way around the top, joining the lining and outer together.
To ensure you get a nice edge on your bag when you turn it, grade the top of your bag to reduce any bulk, I take it down to approx. 1/4"

time to birth your bag............pull the outer bag through the gap you left in your lining...............once you have everything through, push the lining back into the bag. I like to close the hole in my lining using my machine and topstitch as close to the join as I can.....but you can do it by hand if you're so inclined

..roll the top of your bag between your thumb and finger to ensure the lining and outer are inside and outside................press gently..........clip all around the top to ensure the parts don't move.........then top stitch all the way around the top of the bag.
PRESS IT........the one thing I always forget to do before I take pictures

Well done, you have made yourself a Hobo bag.......learned a new way to create a slip pocket......I call that an 'Ellen pocket' as it's the way Ellen (From Chris W Designs) does her pockets. You have created a double welt zipper pocket, you have made boxed corners, some of you will have created an overlay............
You have leaned new skills that you can use again on other bags.....

Thanks for creating the sew along for us Christine, I can't wait to see everyone's bags!