We're coming to Hochanda TV!


Tune in to the Hochanda TV shopping channel on Tuesday 8th September at 11 a.m. for fab demos and top bag making tips from expert bagmaker Lynn from She Wears Red Feathers!


The Fiesta Tote, The Companion Carpet Bag, and The Bucket Tote from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H


As well as special deals on a selection of our sewing patterns, and a bag hardware kits in conjunction with Emmaline Bags, Lynn will be demonstrating how to install the carpet bag frame for The Companion Carpet Bag, and showing you how to get a beautiful finish for The Sassy Saddlebag!


The Squiffy Sling, The Crossbody Bag, and The Sassy Saddlebag from Sewing Patterns by Mrs H


Watch the show on Sky 673, Freeview 85, Freesat 817, or on the Hochanda website - www.hochanda.com - at 11 a.m. (BST) on Tuesday 8th September!