What does Creativity mean to you?

What does creativity mean to you?


Hi bagineers! When I sat down to write this week's set of blogs, I had no idea where to start. How do you begin to define such a massive concept as creativity?

With the cursor blinking off and on, off and on, seeming to judge me and my apparent inability to create this blog, I sought help from our team. I asked them, 'What does creativity mean to you?' Here are a few of their answers:

"Creativity is the ability to express oneself tangibly, the outward expression of our emotions."
~Samantha (aka Mrs H)

"Creativity is imagination. To me, it means thinking outside the box, not going with the 'norm'."
~Ingrid, Customer Service Rep

"Creativity is applying new ideas and perspectives."
~Katie, Community Manager

Now, I must admit, I wasn't entirely sure what Samantha meant at first with her answer and I spent most of the rest of that day reflecting on it. But, adding in Katie's and Ingrid's answers, it makes me think that creativity comes in two parts - internal and external.

If my theory is reasonable, then that means that creativity begins when we think about things in a new way - whether it's through problem-solving, organising our thoughts, being open to new ideas, or through looking at the world with a sense of wonder. So, internal creativity begins with intent and with purpose - when we deliberately aim for new ideas.

And then comes the external part of creativity. Every single thing that we make starts as an idea, a spark of inspiration, or a flight of the imagination. So, then, creativity is also how we transform ideas into reality.


What has this got to do with bagmaking?

Time and again in the Mrs H and Swoon Facebook groups, we see bagineers write things like, "I'm not very creative," and, "I'd love to try that but I wouldn't know where to start."

And yet, despite this, these same incredible bagmakers share absolutely stunning bags that they have handcrafted themselves one stitch at a time. These are their own unique and wonderful creations.

For these lovely bagineers, it seems to me as if the internal creative part is a challenge, and as if that internal creative block is perhaps leading them to downplay their own amazing achievements.

If this reads as familiar to you, then perhaps this might help:

"Samantha is creative by putting all the ideas in her head down on paper and into a pattern, and then our customers come along and take that pattern and use their creative ideas in the fabrics they use, the colours they use, and in adding little things here and there. Creativity creates Creativity. "
~Lynne, Community Manager


Creativity creates Creativity

Whether you are creating your handcrafted bag right from an initial concept into a physical item, or whether you are using an existing pattern or handmade bag as inspiration for your own interpretation, you are creating. You are a creative person.

And I am in awe of your creativity.

What do you think? What does creativity mean to you?
Let us know below*, tell us in the Facebook group, or send us an email!



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