So, remember the bow pleat bag?

I made one, editted it, made another, editted it again and finally made another and then I was happy with it?

No, oh well, now you know.

Well, I made another and this time I'm not just happy with it, I totally love it!

Nickel bag feet to protect from grubbiness!

I've listed this wool bow pleat bag in my etsy shop if you want to buy it, but you could just admire it here too :)

Plain (!) back view

Adjustable handle (25" - 41" or 63cm - 104cm)

Identical nickel buckle hardware

Olive Green paisley cotton lining with two slip pockets and one zip pocket. (No Key Dangler though, I forgot!)

Thin nickel magnetic clasp. Just as strong, half as thick!

It's tough to describe the colour of this bag. It's a real soft colour (and fabric!) and I think I've decided on a natural soft dove grey brown as the colour. It's the same fabric as I usually use to lay my items on to photograph them so to see it in different lights check out the background on lots of my other listings! 

Also, I've reduced my prices in the etsy shop and just come to realise I'll never earn minimum wage for the hours I put in, but I can't bear to think of my bags languishing on a shelf here when they could be out there strutting around on some gorgeous lady's shoulder!

p.s. Bubbles loved her bag yesterday so unfortunately if you'd like a bag similar you'll have to 'commission' me! :) xx