Hello lovelies,

Today I want to launch a new theme for November: The Big November Destashing.

I know from our conversations on the facebook page and groups how much you love fabric. And who doesn’t? For most of us, fabric is one of our favourite things to shop for. We go on a ten minute trip to the fabric store to get that one fabric we need to continue our current project and get out three hours later with two bags full of fabric.

When we buy beautiful fabric, we fall in love with the texture, the print or the potential to become something new and amazing, created by ourselves. Other times, let’s admit it, we buy it because it’s on sale and we can’t resist a good offer.

But what’s the point in buying all this fabric if we’re not sewing with it?

So this month we’re going to take advantage of the stay-inside weather and tackle our stash, bust it and make something new.

Here’s the plan:

Week 1: Organise and clean: Enjoy what you have. See fabric from a different perspective.
Week 2: Plan: Design 3-5 new sewing projects. Sketch or use Pinterest to get inspired.
Week 3: Make: Sew and enjoy using the fabric you own
Week 4: Give: Make something for a friend or family member

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So, what do you say? Are you in or are you in :)?