Hiya lovelies!

One of our most popular patterns has undergone a redesign. The new Companion Carpet Bag, just like its predecessor, is a simple, satisfying sew for all abilities and the hardest task will be choosing your fabrics!

Here are some of our testers' creations to inspire you.

We start all at sea with Cyndi's maritime themed bag. The pattern placement is top notch! This bag is ideal for displaying big feature print fabrics such as this!

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure to spot the raccoons on Becky's creation. Beautiful use of cork, a fabric growing in popularity amongst bag makers.

Anke's dark floral Carpet Bag is a striking statement piece. An example of different strap anchors here and perfect colour matching!

Julie is tickled pink by the flamingos on her creation. Julie decided not to go for strap anchors for a simpler look.

Leisa's bespectacled dogs look fabulous! This bag also goes for a simpler look with no strap anchors.

And if that wasn't enough, she decided to make another! Queen Pumpkin would not look out of place next to the Queen of Hearts in Wonderland.

Nancy also went floral, but opted for a different type of strap.

And finally, Susan evokes the seventies with her fabric choice! She is the only tester to use this type of fabric, proving how versatile this pattern is!

Well bagineers, talk about putting a twist on a favourite!

The new version of the pattern is not available just yet, put its predecessor is waiting for more aspiring bag makers to give it a try!

Don't forget to visit the pattern section of the website for more.