We are sew excited to finally be able to talk about the October Bag of the Month Club sewing pattern - The Super Nova Satchel! In our earlier blog we looked at some of the features of our secure yet super stylish bag. In this edition of the blog, you'll find inspiration for your sew from some of the many many marvellous makes by our team of testers!



First up in our lovely line-up we've a delightful duo of Super Nova Satchels, made by... Nova!

The small and large Super Nova Satchel, made by Chanova Alcala Mabry from That's Sew Nova
Photo credit: Chanova Alcala Mabry @ChanovaAlcala / @NovasKnits


Nova made both the small and large size bags, and her helpful model kindly posed for similar snaps with each size of Super Nova, so that you can compare the difference in sizes and decide which is best for your first sew.

Nova's large Super Nova Satchel features lush Harris Tweed, and for the small Super Nova Satchel, Nova used a fandom print, textured grey vinyl, beautifully bright orange leather from Springfield Leather Co, and copper hardware.



Michelle's sweet small Super Nova is looking stunning in blue, green, and silver:

The small Super Nova Satchel, made by Michelle Graham from M Graham Sews
Photo credit: Michelle Graham @Mgrahamsews / @Mgrahamsews


We love how Michelle has fussy cut her Tula Pink Squirrels so that each side pocket has the squirrels facing a different way. What a clever idea!

During our testing session, Michelle told us: "What a unique design and it was an awesome sew! Everything went together perfectly... Also, if this is a small, I can't even imagine how big the large must be. I can't believe how much fits inside this bag. I LOVE this bag"

Awww! Thanks, Michelle!



While we're on the topic of fussy cutting, the colourful striped side pockets on this lovely large Super Nova Satchel are not made with a square or diamond print fabric. Maggie very very very carefully fussy cut her striped fabric to get this incredible result!

The large Super Nova made by Maggie Mafiol from Ms Maggie Makes
Photo credit: Maggie Mafiol @Ms.MaggieMakes / @Ms.MaggieMakes


All of Maggie's fabulous fabrics came from Joann's - the stripes are cotton, the sunny orange solid is upholstery fabric, and the matching orange base is vinyl, for an added bit of protection.

And did you spot Maggie's zipper pull? It's a rainbow, matching Maggie's fun rainbow zipper!



Wait... what's that coming over the hill? Is it a monster?

Oh, phew! It's Judy!

The large Super Nova Satchel made by Judy Broadhurst
Photo credit: Judy Broadhurst @hobo_bunny


Judy took her lovely large Super Nova Satchel, with its B-Movie print pocket panels, for an adventure in the woods. We hope she didn't cross paths with any big beasties.



Wait... what's THAT coming over the hill?

It is a monster! A monster-themed Super Nova, made by Abbe!

The small Super Nova Satchel made by Abbe Coury from Just An E Sewing
Photo credit: Abbe Coury @JustAnESewing / @Abbe_Coury


This spooky cute small Super Nova has pocket panels filled with cartoon villains from horror films and books. How many can you recognise?

And... this might just be us, but is anyone else getting Audrey II vibes from the photo of Abbe's open Super Nova Satchel?



Oooh, that sent a shiver down our spines! Let's wrap up for today with a Super Nova Satchel from a brilliant bagineer whose stunning sews always fill us with joy and delight.

We can't help but smile every time we see VarnaElaine's sweet small Super Nova!

The small Super Nova Satchel made by VarnaElaine Nolen from Thanks, My Grandma Made It!
Photo credit: VarnaElaine Nolen @VarnaElaineSews / @VarnaElaine_Sews


VarnaElaine used canvas for her main fabric, paired with a fabulous stained glass effect print. The colourful print is Glass Menagerie, which was designed by Cynthie Fisher for QT Fabrics.



Thank you to all our amazing testers for sharing their sews (and their comprehensive feedback!) with us! We'll be sharing more of our testers' marvellous makes next week right here on the blog, as well as on the Club Facebook and Instagram pages, so please do Follow us if you don't already!


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