Hiya lovelies!

Ever wanted to go an an adventure, and your biggest dilemma is knowing what bag to take? Come in, and let us introduce you to the Dainty Daytripper!

This pattern was exclusive to the Bag Retreat, and now we're releasing it into the wild! Our intrepid testers have travelled to bagmaking lands unknown and brought back creations of never before seen ingenuity!

Come inside and behold the treasures of the deepest darkest jungle of bagmaking!

If you go down to the woods today, you're sure for a big surprise - it's Hilari's camping inspired Daytripper!

Ever the romantic Nancy decided the spring flowers and bright lights of Paris were more suited to her tastes!

It was all Swallows and Amazons for Lynn!

Isabelle travelled all the way back to the seventies with this psychedelic tribute!

Anke travelled even further afield, all the way to the land of the dead!

Michelle found the Secret Garden and returned with this bag!

Jana got accepted into Hogwarts! No prizes for guessing which House she got sorted into!

Vanessa's birds managed to escape their cages for their own little adventures!

Amy would blend into any modern city with her creation!

Susan stole some wallpaper from her journey to the Victorian era!

One destination wasn't enough for Lynne - this travel savvy lady has been all around the world!

Well bagineers, never mind around the world in eighty days, more like eighty seconds!

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